MuleSoft Launches CloudHub 2.0

Emmeline MalineWritten by Emmeline Maline

MuleSoft has launched MuleSoft CloudHub 2.0 Following on from the existing success of its existing CloudHub infrastructure, CloudHub 2.0 brings with it a new deployment experience and architecture, based on Kubernetes.

MuleSoft Launches CloudHub 2.0

What is CloudHub 2.0?

CloudHub 2.0 offers a more simplified experience to deploy and run MuleSoft applications in the cloud. As a fully managed, containerized managed cloud service, it allows you to deploy and run MuleSoft applications, integrations, APIs and automations quickly to a resilient and scalable environment.

The key elements CloudHub 2.0 offers are the ability to

  • Get started quickly
  • Leverage lightweight container-based isolation
  • Streamline operations
  • Implement tighter security controls

Providing a Private Space, this allows the configuration of secure connectivity from MuleSoft to on-prem or other cloud environments. With a simplified interface, VPCs, Loads Balancers and Traffic routing rules can be easily configured, all in one place.

By using Kubernetes-based architecture, every application is deployed as a lightweight container that can scale up and down easily and the introduction of a UI-driven workflow, reduces time and cost.

The built-in ingress load balancer has auto-scaling capabilities, thus reducing management overheads, as well as providing and new Runtime Manager experience, allowing the ability to manage deployed applications to Shared or Private spaces in a single view.

Configuration for outbound traffic is determined by destination and address, providing improved traffic controls with a simplified static IP management. This allows you to define egress firewall rules at the Private Space level.

Benefits of MuleSoft CloudHub 2.0

  • Globally supports runtime deployments across 12 regions
  • Supports elastic transaction volume with dynamic scaling infrastructure and built-in services
  • Using a standardized, lightweight isolation boundary by running each Mule instance and service as a separate container
  • Built-in security policies to protect services and sensitive data with encrypted secrets, firewall controls, and restricted shell access
  • Help accelerate growth and innovation faster with future-proofed architecture


We are really excited about this new development and look forward to working with many businesses using CloudHub 2.0.