Making a Difference

We truly make a difference to our customer lives - the way they do business, the way they experience the technology and the way they achieve success in an accelerated way. Being a MuleSoft partner, we bring the best of MuleSoft expertise in terms of Anypoint platform implementation using NJC APIOps (API Life Cycle Automation Framework), multiple project accelerators and tools to deliver high impact projects. We ensure automated platform onboarding, automated CI/CDs setup for customers (code quality using sonar qube, unit testing /functional testing / release process) and ready to use APIs/integrations with best practices.

Our people, our greatest asset, make a real difference to our customer. We select the best MuleSoft experts, train them on the latest and greatest of integration challenges through our Architect and Developer accelerator programs. We encourage our people to research technologies, build POCs for real business use cases, train themselves throughout the year through structured training programs.

Our innovation lab gives you access to ready to deploy experts who can bring real value in your business. Our labs are ever ready with plug and play integration components to save development efforts and deliver the project with competitive ROI.

Our global presence helps us bring local context to client engagement. With an engagement of the local project team, we reduce a feeling of 'unknowns' which helps in project success.

These factors of technology, people, accelerators, global presence brings following benefits for our customers:

Customer Success

An accelerated customer success that we deliver sets us apart from others. Our delivery approach works in tandem with the capabilities of our customers to overcome their present limitations. Technology has proven wonders, and we are partners to deliver new-age yet cost-effective integration solutions. As a trusted integration partner, we emphasise the long-term growth potential of our customers and not short-term gain. We develop the capability to remove delivery bottlenecks, improve scalability, improve innovation, and reusability of IT assets across our customer organisation.

Speed of Delivery

Our Innovation Lab has ready to deploy talent pool with specialised solutioning and integration skills. We reduce the time to market with ready to deploy assets, constantly evolving as per the customer and market preferences.


Integration projects are challenging in terms of the changes that one needs to accommodate on the fly. A simple change can trigger a chain reaction of code changes. To manage this magnitude of changes while adhering to the delivery schedule, you need an agile delivery expert like NJC Labs to incorporate features that you want now.