About NJC Labs

NJC Labs

NJC Labs is more than connecting applications and systems for enterprises. We connect with our stakeholders and shareholders. Everyone at NJC Labs shares the responsibility to enable our stakeholders and shareholders to be successful in their business journey. The strong bond we form with them pushes us to greater heights of innovating more challenging solutions in the integration space.

Our family comprises our business stakeholders - our clients, investors, employees, partners and we keep on expanding our family and include more and more as we move forward.

Our job is to drive customer success every single day and make this world a better place. We help our clients break from the past to build something better and help them do their job best. We measure success by our customer satisfaction score and then build everything around it.

Welcome to NJC Labs and be a part of our family!

NJC Highlights

  • Founded in 2018 in the US by system integration experts
  • Offices in the US, UK, India, Australia
  • 50+ integration experts
  • 15+ years of design and integration experience
  • 50+ Systems integrated
  • 10+ MuleSoft migrations
  • 100,000+ Integration hours
  • 1000+ MuleSoft Developers/Architects trained


  • We are a new generation company aligned with the traditional values of professionalism and with a young heart to take up modern challenges
  • Accelerated customer success is our business promise
  • We bring the best industry practices like MuleSoft playbooks, MuleSoft catalyst methodology in every engagement. The end result is the accelerated customer success
  • Global delivery capability and access to local talent with established market presence in the US, Europe, Australia, and India
  • Brings Tier 1 integration maturity and delivery assurance at a moderate cost base