MuleSoft Universal API Management Support

MuleSoft Universal API Management is the new initiative by MuleSoft to provide its customers with a unified single control plane offering added flexibility, scalability, and security to any API. By adopting the new UAPIM strategy businesses could benefit with 3X faster project delivery followed by an average of 63% reduction in maintenance costs.

The new version allows to:

  • Work with any API
  • Implement any architecture
  • Operate on any cloud
  • Engage with any audience providing a better customer experience

MuleSoft Universal API management Strategy and Consulting

For our existing customers, we do offer a free revisit on the current architecture and the API Manager, to evaluate how to improve it by fitting in the capabilities of the MuleSoft Universal API management. We ensure a universal discovery, manageability, and security across services irrespective of the technology, architecture, and environment.

For new customers again we offer solutions that are tailor-made to best suit the use case incorporating what is the latest and trending in the Mule space.

Note, that all that we do is centred on providing our customers with an efficient and stable solution considering maximum cost savings and reduced market release time.

The full list of features released on the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform (or to be released) as part of Universal API Management are:

  • Anypoint Flex Gateway
  • API Governance
  • API Community Manager
  • API Experience Hub
  • Anypoint DataGraph
  • API Designer
  • Anypoint Platform CLI
  • API Manager

Of the above listed all the eyes are set on the ultrafast Gateway, MuleSoft Anypoint Flex Gateway, that allows managing and securing the services either in Connected (Anypoint Platform Web UI) or Local (customised CI/CD pipeline deployment configs) Mode. Flex Gateways either way is deployed and managed as a Docker container, as a Kubernetes Ingress Controller, or as a Linux Service. Our technical team can help your business control the API sprawl with the use of super Flex Gateway.

Join hands with NJC Labs and we shall guide you through the entire process of securing your digital ecosystem with MuleSoft Universal API Management. For more details get in touch with our support team at and also visit our blog on Anypoint Flex Gateway.