MuleSoft Migration

MuleSoft Migration

MuleSoft has evolved from being just an Integration/API platform to a platform that can assist legacy modernisation and provide full API lifecycle management. The next-generation Mule 4 platform offers features intended to enhance the capabilities of the platform along with developer experience. This ongoing innovation has driven a need for organisations globally to migrate from Mule 3 to Mule 4.

NJC Labs evaluates your Mule 4 migration readiness by assessing the capabilities in your development and support team and their understanding of Mule 4. We also evaluate your application scenario before we advise you to embark on migration. Once you agree to start the process, we advise you on the migration options of 'As-is' migration versus Re-architecture. We do this by helping you evaluate your business needs, cost, timeline, benefits and roadmap.

One of our core strengths in this area is our custom MuleSoft migration tool, which leads the way ahead of traditional migration tools available in the market.

It helps you migrate a single or [n] number of Mule 3.x projects to Mule 4.x on a single click at once. It also generates customized migration reports for each migrated project with a detailed time and cost estimates for completing the migration. These reports provide the customers with an instant quote for the amount of work and cost that is expected in such migration projects. The ability the tool gives you to have total transparency in business, by eliminating the additional steps of blindfolded analysis and estimating, gives your business the edge in project development and implementation.

We ensure a well-planned migration to deliver a modern platform to meet your business needs for agility, service continuity and cost savings.