MuleSoft Implementation

MuleSoft Implementation

Adopting high-speed technology like Mulesoft is key to meeting the needs of your customer. With our unmatched enterprise API architecture expertise and MuleSoft AnyPoint platform implementation experience, we are exceptionally equipped to create an integration strategy suitable for managing the challenge of merging disparate data and fragmented applications.

We bring integration maturity, custom accelerators, and an industry-leading methodology of outcome-based delivery to drive the implementation blueprint. Our protocols meet latest and best industry standards, allowing us to deliver secure, fully functional, robust and reusable assets for the customers on time and within the budget.

Why NJC Labs

  • Tier 1 MuleSoft expertise at a moderate cost base
  • Super Agility to accelerate faster technology adoption
  • Certified MuleSoft developers working on your project
  • Leading MuleSoft platform knowledge as a certified Mulesoft partner
  • Comprehensive support in all stages of the MuleSoft implementation lifecycle
  • Ready to use customizable automation frameworks to accelerate your project delivery

Our Implementation Approach

  • Evaluating the outcome desired by the client in terms of customer experience, customer acquisition, revenue ambition, value creation, technology uses cases and many more.
  • Discovery and Design. Thorough assessment of your integration needs allows us to create the blueprint and develop a plan with optimal approach to integration and digital transformation. The blueprint includes our recommendation on best practices, scalable and future ready architecture, cloud/on-premise/hybrid solution indications, integration requirements of inhouse and outside systems, and business process optimization requirements.
  • Design and Build an API following coding standards. Secure transactions are created to provide better customer experience with the vision of long-term usability.
  • Test and Deploy: We follow the TDD approach for testing, using Munit tests created by default as part of API development to cover unit testing. This is followed by end-to-end integration testing that can continue in various environments based on customer requirements (For example ST, SIT, UAT). We then deploy our team of DevOps engineers who can assist in the Setup of environments and streamline the deployment process, including monitoring on cloud or on-premise.
  • Training and Support: Full training is provided by our MuleSoft certified team. We also provide comprehensive support in all stages of MuleSoft implementation lifecycle