NJC Labs win the MuleSoft Training's Certober event in JAPAC

Emmeline MalineWritten by Emmeline Maline

Every October, the JAPAC MuleSoft Training and Certification Team host the largest certification sprint of the year.

Customers, partners and wider ecosystem are invited to take part in this certification initiative, where people can get started on their MuleSoft journey, including free exam readiness workshops, and materials to help students prepare for their exams.

This year we are extremely proud to announce that NJC Labs have taken the title!

Shefreen Kunhimohamed, Integration Architect / Senior Developer, earned an additional 4 certifications within 4 weeks! Since October, he has added the latest MuleSoft Integration Associate Certification to his belt and is now part of an exclusive club of experts who hold 5 out of 5 MuleSoft certifications.

MuleSoft Training's Certober event in JAPAC In photo: From left to right: Sajeesh Karuthethil, Shefreen Kunhimohamed, , Raquel Paez Ricciardo,Sushmita Siddam , and Sai Asish Kavuturu.

The MuleSoft Partner team took members of the NJC Labs team out to lunch to celebrate!

MuleSoft Training's Certober event in JAPAC

In photo: From left to right: Sajeesh Karuthethil, Gareth O'Connor, Shefreen Kunhimohamed, Katie Dale, Sai Asish Kavuturu, Sushmita Siddam, Diana Tucker, Raquel Paez Ricciardo, Allen Bradley, Josie Nicholls and Luke Lambert.

After lunch, Shefreen Kunhimohamed, Sai Asish Kavuturu and Sushmita Siddam, we were invited to join Raquel Paez Ricciardo, Training Advisor from the MuleSoft Partner team, for an exclusive interview, looking into why training and certification is integral to NJC Lab's success, and what is the motivation to keep our certifications and skills up to date.

MuleSoft Training's Certober event in JAPAC

A special highlight: half of those certified were women - 50% of the workforce at NJC Labs being women, something we are really proud of.

NJC Labs has launched a "Women Who Mule" initiative within the company, that encourages, supports and embraces women in tech and provides additional value in terms of regular face-to-face meet-ups. We have regular meetups, with speakers and discussions, offering opportunities for development, learning, empowerment and camaraderie. In an industry that has in the past predominantly been dominated by men, we are proud that 50% of our employees are women.

Shefreen said:

"We value women's involvement. As part of our hiring practice itself, we actually look out for women employees, especially those who have taken a career break for whatever circumstances they have had, and we involve them, cross train them into MuleSoft. One of these examples is Sushmita. She was right out of post-graduation and took our training, and has proven very valuable to our team and we are very proud of her."

What is your best tip for other organizations new to using MuleSoft?

"Training, training, and training. MuleSoft training is well organised, well structured, gives you that direct path to get the best out of all your resources."

How has MuleSoft helped you build your profile and your MuleSoft skills?

Sai Ashish said:

"Being new to the MuleSoft eco-system, the training designed by MuleSoft are really helpful to understand the basics and implement the same in the projects we work on now. So, both instructor led, and self-paced training is helpful in the practice."

What's your best advice for those who want to kick start their journey in MuleSoft?

"Start off with the self-paced training, get your fundamentals strong, and practice a lot!" - Sushmita

"This is the right time to start with MuleSoft as it's getting a lot of traction in the market. If you start now, you can eventually grow along within the MuleSoft space. It really helps to develop a career for whoever wants to start with MuleSoft now." - Sai Asish

Training plays an integral role in the success of our team and we will continue to champion our team's successes in their certifications along the way