About NJC Labs

About NJC Labs

We are more than connecting applications and systems for enterprises. Our smart team of integration architects delivers cost-effective high-quality integration solutions. We use our innovation lab approach to solve customer’s complex integration problems.

NJC Lab Innovation lab

The innovation lab concept was born out of our intent to save development effort, time, and cost for our customers. Innovation lab delivers a highly skilled talent pool who are constantly challenged with complex integration problems. Our talent pool is ever ready with the latest and greatest of technology skills in the integration space. This also helps our customers with the ready to use assets which can be plugged and played in their projects to deliver faster and accelerate the customer success.

Our Market Relevance

History has shown that most of the integration programs and projects suffer massive failure when business outcomes, business processes, organisational constructs, enabling technology and information fail to align. Also, in most of the cases, an integration strategy is often an afterthought leading to budget overrun, siloed project execution, and overall low integration maturity. The NJC Labs approach helps businesses to deliver operational results and business outcomes using an integrated methodology that is enabled by processes, people, technology and information.

NLC Labs brings integration maturity as it brings together tailored integration solutions, the best operating model based on MuleSoft Catalyst, customer success enablement with an outcome-based delivery model so that you spend less time on IT project delivery and more time on your core business. The result is accelerated customer success.

Experience across diverse industries

NJC Labs offers integration consulting across a diverse set of industry verticals including financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing, media and telecom, retail.

We exist to

  • Modernise your legacy systems using APIs, future-proof architecture, and extend the value of your legacy systems
  • Accelerate project delivery and deliver a secure and resilient customer experience faster
  • Unleash the full power of all of your enterprise data through API-led connectivity and converge all application silos
  • Provide a 360-degree view of customer interactions, deliver omnichannel connected customer experiences using APIs.
  • Securely automate the processes, provide real-time data and deliver the best customer experience at a scale
  • Leverage API-led connectivity, lower cost, increase reusability and monetise content via APIs for our customers

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